OptivityX materially increases profit for ecommerce retailers.

Our solution is a game changer for online retailers in the battle for profit.  Powered by our proprietary AI, our system dynamically optimizes pricing for every site visitor in real-time in order to maximize gross profit.  Optimization may mean higher or lower prices and higher or lower conversion rates but the end result is increased gross profit.

Driving the optimization is a critical mass of data that provides the necessary scale for statistically significant (programmatic) decision making.

Increase Profits. Stand Out From The Crowd.

As our data grows and our system learns, it adds increasing value. And, as consumers evolve and behaviors change, our AI keeps pace, continuing to optimize and continuing to maximize profit for our clients. Our unmatched data set makes our powerful AI smarter than any alternative. That intelligence delivers incredible value and unrivaled results to our clients.  

We integrate with major ecommerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify Plus. 

Win The Battle For Profit

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