Pricing for Optivity(X)

Pricing for Optivity(X) is simple:

  • Limited 14-day free trial
  • $499 monthly subscription (after trial)
  • Month to month term – no long term contracts
  • Cancel anytime – without penalty
  • No set up fees – or other upfront fees

Plus, starting up is easy:

  • App-enabled service
  • Optimized prices ready within days
  • White glove support

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Limited 14 Day Free Trial*

Test drive our solution for free and even get some optimized prices. The free trial is a limited version of our dynamic pricing service. We will only optimize a subset of products.  Optimizations that increase prices are excluded.  See the table below for more information.

Free Trial Paid Service
Products Optimized Limited All
Use of custom app
Admin controls to manage price changes
MAP Compliance
Sales velocity analysis of products
Price optimizations for slow and non-sellers
Price and margin increases for under-priced products
Ongoing dynamic pricing to maintain maximum profit

* Free trial request subject to Optivity(X) acceptance.