Optivity(X) brings the incredible value creation of AI and sophisticated pricing optimization to online retailers. While what’s under the hood is complicated, we’ve made it easy for you. Sure, there’s data science, econometric analysis, proprietary software, integrations, (and bears, oh my!) but what you’ll see is your controls and your profit gains. Here’s how you’ll become the hero.


We install our extension on your website

Whether your platform calls it an extension, app, or plug-in, we’ll install it for you. Don’t have a dev site? We’ll even set that up for you as well – for free. Of course, if you’d like to do the install yourself, we can support you.


Configure admin settings

Our robust admin panel keeps you in control over your pricing. If you like, we can set it up for you to start. It’s one of the ways we ensure that our solution works with your business. From setting minimum and maximum prices to enabling MAP compliance, Optivity(X) serves at your command.

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Our AI analyzes your traffic

During the learning period, our AI analyzes your site visitors, monitors how they respond to prices levels, and compares that to other sites. Conceptually, our solution is building demand curves and identifying price sensitivities. The duration of the learning period depends on the volume and nature of your traffic and your product catalog, but is typically 2-8 weeks.


Optimize your pricing

The fun begins: once the learning period is over, our system is ready to optimize your prices! Some products and visitors will be priced higher and others lower, but the system will optimize subject to your admin settings and pursuant to the objective of maximizing your gross profit.


Increase your gross profit

Now the fun really begins: this is what it’s all about. Through a combination of volume and margin increases, you’ll be delighted to see what Optivity(X) does for your profit.


View your detailed reporting

Well this is the really fun part: insightful reporting to see your price optimizations and to track revenue, volume, and gross profit performance. Our intuitive report formats are easy to read and digest, making them ideal for viewing with your team while you do your victory lap.

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