Optivity(X) brings the incredible value of automated, sophisticated pricing management to online retailers. While what’s under the hood is complicated, it couldn’t be easier for you. Sure, there’s advanced analytics and proprietary software but all you’ll see is increased profit and a lighter workload. Read our dynamic pricing white paper for a full discussion or see our simple process below.


Install our app

After you sign up, click the install link we send you. With a few more clicks, you’ll also grant read-only access to your Google Analytics account so we can analyze your traffic data.


Customize your settings

Our simple admin panel keeps you in control over your pricing. If you like, we can set it up for you to start. From setting minimum and maximum prices to enabling MAP compliance, Optivity(X) serves at your command.


Optivity(X) analyzes

Our solution analyzes your traffic and transactions. Conceptually, our solution is building demand curves and identifying price sensitivities.


Optivity(X) optimizes

The fun begins: within days of signing up, our system is ready to optimize your prices! Some products will be priced higher and others lower, but all changes are controlled and incremental and subject to your admin settings.


Increase your profit

Now the fun really begins: this is what it’s all about. Through a combination of volume and margin increases, you’ll be delighted to see what Optivity(X) does for your profit, and breath a sigh of relief having off-loaded pricing management.


View your performance report

Well this is the really fun part: insightful reporting to track revenue and profit performance. Our intuitive report is easy to read and digest.