Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2020-02-24T21:30:58+00:00
What does your service do?2020-01-24T22:30:41+00:00

We increase your gross profit by optimizing your pricing! Specifically, our AI will analyze your traffic and dynamically set prices for your products (subject to settings you control).

How does your system work, exactly?2020-01-24T17:10:31+00:00

Our system works with your existing website. It adjusts the prices that your visitors see and pay based on your site, the product, your costs and current prices, and the visitor. All other aspects of your website continue to function as they currently do.

How does your system set the prices for my products?2020-01-23T19:47:59+00:00

Using a sophisticated set of data models and our large data warehouse, Optivity(X) essentially determines demand curves for your products and customers and assesses the price sensitivity of your visitors. Based on that data and analysis, our system optimizes prices to maximize your gross profit. Of course, being an AI system, Optivity(X) learns as it acquires new data and continues to vary pricing in order to maintain and further increase gross profit.

How will I know that your system is helping me?2020-02-13T18:03:17+00:00

We provide regular reports showing the results of the optimization – including traffic, prices, conversion rates, and profit. That said, our system polices itself as it constantly records data, monitors and evaluates results. Of course, our system is also operating subject to the constraints you set in the admin panel (e.g. minimum and maximum markups).

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Will I be able to see reports?2020-02-13T18:03:09+00:00

Yes! You’ll have access to detailed reporting.

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How do I know you won’t set a price for a product too low or too high?2020-03-26T16:29:29+00:00

Through the admin panel, you control minimum and maximum markup. The system will never set a price outside of your floor and ceiling range.

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Some of my products are subject to MAP policies, so can I still use your pricing optimization service?2020-03-26T16:31:20+00:00

Yes! You absolutely can. Our system is MAP compliant. It will not set your published prices below MAP. In the admin panel, you can select brands, categories, or upload a list of SKUs that are subject to MAP.

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Will your service create problems for me with Google shopping and other CSEs?2020-01-23T20:54:36+00:00

No, our front-end extension locks the price a visitor clicks in Google shopping (or other CSE) so it is the same price they see when they get to your website.

Can I exclude products from being optimized and lock their prices?2020-03-26T16:32:23+00:00

Yes, in the admin panel, select brands, categories, or upload a list of SKUs to exclude.

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Will your service work with my existing store as-is?2020-01-23T20:55:42+00:00

Our platform is shopping cart agnostic, so long as you are on a platform we currently support, you simply need our plug-in (i.e. extension or app) – which we install and configure for you at no charge.

Will your service slow down my website?2020-01-23T20:56:01+00:00

Will your service slow down my website?

Can your service work with a full page cache and other caching?2020-01-23T20:56:32+00:00

Yes. Optivity(X) was deliberately designed to work with caching – including out of the box caching and popular third party extensions.

How much control do I have to hand over?2020-03-26T16:33:22+00:00

We need admin access in order to install our extension. Afterwards, you can terminate our access. At all times, you will retain control of the service (including disabling it) through the admin panel. You can adjust settings such as the percentage of your traffic being optimized, which products are included, minimum and maximum markups, and more.

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Are you going to overwrite my prices?2020-01-23T21:00:29+00:00

We preserve the prices that you have set for your products, which you may change at any time. The prices we set (and record) are the displayed and billed prices for traffic running through our system. We store optimized prices in a new field created with our extension.

Is it complicated to install the system in my store?2020-01-23T21:00:56+00:00

No, it’s an easy installation process, but more importantly, we do it for you! If you’d prefer to do it yourself, we can support you.

How long does it take to get set up to start using your system?2020-01-23T21:01:23+00:00

Once we are live on your store, our system will learn about your traffic and purchase patterns. The length of this period depends on your business (e.g. traffic volume, number of products, conversion rates, etc.) but should range between 2 and 8 weeks.

What is the process to start?2020-01-23T21:01:51+00:00

After you sign up, you would grant us access to your Google Analytics and your website, and, if you have one, your dev site. If you do not have a dev server, we will create one for you. Once we receive access, we’ll install our extension, configure and test it, and review the configuration settings with you for your approval.

Are there any setup fees, cancellation fees, or other fees?2020-01-24T22:24:44+00:00

No, no and no. There are no additional fees outside of the monthly charge for our service.

Can I cancel anytime?2020-01-24T22:25:24+00:00

Yes, you can cancel at any time, but you won’t want to!

How much does the service cost?2020-02-04T21:14:58+00:00

Pricing for Optivity(X) is easy – just a flat, month-to-month subscription starting at $499. To view more info or get a quote, please visit our pricing page.